ABOUT US is people listening to people.  The goal of each Consoletant is simple.  We want to help you to feel heard and understood.  Our vision is to create a corner of the world where people can go when others don't seem to care or just don't have the time to listen.  We do.  We think life is better with you!


We all need to be understood.  It's human nature.  Tell us how you're feeling, what's important to you and where you want your life to go.
This isn't therapy.  We aren't therapists.  We have no particular religious views or biases.  We're just people helping people.  We're here to share, to console and to comment.  Together, we can create happiness, security and calm. 

To achieve the best results, please keep your comments "clean".  We appreciate honesty but have no need for derogatory terms, racial slurs, dehumanizing or any other harmful words.  Use of that type of speech will end our relationship without a refund.

Let your feelings flow in a way that we can understand.  It's okay to express confusion, doubt, fear, anxiety or anything else that bothers you.  We understand all of those things.  It's also okay to share a joyous moment, something so great or beautiful that you just have to tell someone.  We also understand those things.  We're here for you and you are here for us.  We're here together!

Like lettuce, we are nutritious to others but require care to be healthy ourselves.  If we take care of each other, we're taking care of what we each need to be happy and healthy and those are results that we can all live with!